I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way—things I had no words for.

Georgia O´Keffee

Art therapy was born from the intersection of visual arts, 19th century´s  psychiatry research on the art made by inpatients in hospitals, clinical psychology and education through art. Established as an independent profession for more than 80 years -both in the US and the UK- it brings the visual arts closer to those who seek therapy, to help them tell their stories and to be able to create new narratives through them. The founding premise of art therapy is to give back to our hands and our body in movement the ability to show who we are and where we stand. It puts at the center of the mental health paradigm what has been our native language since the beginning of humanity: the one that images speak.

In my art therapy practice since 1995 up-to-date, I have worked with various visual languages ​​and diverse populations, both in groups and individual formats. A brief summary of my passions should include my fascination with analog collage, altered books, and assemblage, although all materials are welcome in my space. In recent years, I have been researching on the concrete and symbolic possibilities of textile practices -both ancient and contemporary- to tell our stories. Handmade dolls, and their medicine, are the latest chapter of this dive on the textile universe.