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What if an inhabitant from another planet walked into that abandoned house from August 2026? In “There will be soft rains”, from the Martian Chronicles, Bradbury gifts us with an image that got stuck in my head since my childhood, and is the fuel for my work on dollhouses. What would happen if that being could testify our disappearence? “The fall” is a tiny answer for those big questions. Thank you, Ray, for so much.
Scale 1:16.
Text on the book:
The fall/ An inhabitant/ from another planet pushed/ the door open. Modern furniture/ filling up with sand./It was 4 pm./ The distant rumor from the sea/had an echo/of strange lucidity./A white bisque doll/seemed like melting/ on the floor./ The dry book row/ announced/ something unusual. A monstruosity./ Some people are not/ afraid. Outside/ the air burnt. It stood up./ The light was shining/ over its blue skin./ It jumped towards the wooded street./ While/ it was flying away, the Milky Way/ on the horizon, it started/ to weep./ Bye!.