The wonderful miniatures are not an escape from the real world but a way to engage, confront, question, criticize or consider it.

Dr. Louise KrasniewiczMiniature Manifesto

Miniatures arrived into my life when I was in the midst of my childhood, due to their connections with dolls. For a very long time, visiting other people´s  homes was a revelation: not every family packed their showcases with tiny little things as my family did but -instead- the decor was human scaled or for “grown ups”. Those miniatures I grew up with -that lingered on every room and not only the children´s-, were usually mementos from travelling, but also symbolic places where emotions resided. In those minimal places, tenderness, nostalgy, loving memories and an eagerness to play were kept, as a haven from a busy life. Every now and then, miniatures were taken out to be cleaned, and those gestures seemed like a playful dance, an excuse to dive deep into the imagination for a while. Of course, there were also scaled-down toys that lived on antique cookies´ tins. They usually ended up scattered on my grandmother Alcira´s living room floor, on a ritual that repeated itself every Sunday morning.

They were the first toys that my aunts and my father played with when they were kids, and the very first furniture for my dollhouses too, when I was already at my forties. Most of them were Renwal, scale 1:16, from the 1950´s, and thus they set my gaze at a distant time and age. With them, I started my journey into a new way to express myself, as well as another mean to understand and practice therapy. Nowadays, I work with dollhouses as a path to express and transform myself, to give light to my own narratives and to map the drifts of my life. This praxis is based not only in my love of minis, but also on an extensive research I have been doing on the house we live in -and the one we daydream of (as well as their patios and gardens)- as a symbol of our psyche and our own way to being-in-the-world. My line of work is based on the ideas of Carl G. Jung, Gaston Bachelard, Ruth Ammann, Claire Cooper, Nicole Colley and Louise Krasmiewicz -amongst others- and also on my own private practice, working with dreams on houses, creating houses on sandplay and my own personal experience on creating dollhouses as a way to tell my story.