The earth has a soul

Carl Jung.

In horticultural therapy, our co-therapist is nature itself. Even more, it is also the temenos that holds the alchemical changes in therapy. All the tasks of gardening are possible therapeutic indications, and they are meant to reestablish our connection with  nature, to remind us that we are a vital part of its diversity, and not separated and distant from it. Related to ecopsychology and ecology, and one of the so called “nature therapies”,  horticultural therapy reminds us that we are cycles, that we are here-and-now and that everything shall pass.

In my Ítaca space, a vegetable garden on the sidewalk -a small


neighborhood green lung under an old ash tree – welcomes those who come. Both it and the interior garden are places where therapy might take place, moving the traditional therapy setting outside the walls of the office. Three therapy pets assiste me on my work: a white male toy poodle called Suárez and two female cats. They are allowed in the space when clients have no history of animal-related phobias, they help to regulate the emotions of whomever is around them, allowing everyone to be on the present and aware of the natural cycles on a direct and empathic manner.